Pool on Recirculate: When is the Best Time For It?

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When Should You Set Pool on Recirculate?

Have you checked the settings on the multiport valve on your pool sand filter? The 7 settings are Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Recirculate, Winter & Closed. You may have never used the Pool Filter Recirculate position. Why is it even there? When Would You set the pool filter on “Recirculate” position? 

Setting pool on recirculate allows you to broadcast pool chemicals without the risk of clogging the filter with contaminants or algae. You may switch to filter mode later or choose to vacuum the pool after using a flocculant.

Circulation is required for shocking the pool but the filter would get overwhelmed by the  extraordinary quantity of algae.

When To Put The Pool On Recirculate?

Use Recirculate when adding Floc to Your Pool

When your pool is cloudy and you want to clear it fast, flocculant, rather than a clarifier, is the right pool chemical to use. The flocculant will clump together the microscopic solid contaminants and sink them to the floor.

You do not want the clumped debris finding its way to the filter medium and clogging it. Yet you want the flocculant to circulate throughout the pool. Run your pool filter on the Recirculate mode at this time.

So you can use the Recirculate position on the multiport valve of your sand filter, anytime you have to add pool chemicals and broadcast them evenly throughout the pool, but do not want the contaminants to clog up the filter medium.  

When the pool filter is set to Recirculate position, the solid debris remains inside the pool while the chemicals are circulated. The solid waste that sinks to the pool bottom can then be vacuumed to waste.

Recirculate Mode

Use Recirculate if Part of Your Filter is Broken

There are instances when a part of your pool sand filter is broken and it is not filtering. If the filter can still be run on “Recirculate” mode, do it. Circulation of the sanitizer is essential to ensure that the pool water does not stagnate and your pool remains free of pathogens.

Of course get the filter fixed as soon as possible. You want your pool to be clear of solid particles and debris too! 

For more detailed information on all settings check out my post Pool Multiport Valve Settings (The Best Guide With Simple Schematics!).

How Long Should You Run Pool Pump on “Recirculate”?

As a thumb rule, 2 hours of running the pool filter on Recirculate is enough. This is enough time for a pool chemical such as Cal Hypo or Floc to be evenly distributed throughout the pool.

However, there is no limit on how long you can or should run the pool filter on the “Recirculate” mode. Run it for as long as it takes to get the job done. 

Running a pool sand filter on “recirculate position is the same as running a pool cartridge filter without the cartridge.

Obviously pool chemicals in powder or granular form take longer than those that are in liquid form or have been pre-dissolved in a bucket of water.

Is Whirlpool the Same as “Recirculate”?

Yes. The Whirlpool setting is the same as the Recirculate setting. 

The labelling is different but either way the pool water will flow into the filter, bypass the filter medium and flow right back into the pool through the return jets.

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Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and helpful.

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