Are Heated Pools Worth It? (5 Ways to Get More Value!)

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Are Heated Pools Worth It?

Are you in two minds about buying a pool heater? The thought of being able to use your pool even when it is cold outside is certainly very appealing. However, pool heaters do not come cheap. In addition to the initial investment there is a fairly high operating cost. So are heated pools worth it?

Heated pools are worth it because they can double the pool season in most areas and even longer in some.

By utilizing your pool for an additional period of time you can increase the return on your investment in the pool. And of course you have more time for relaxation and fun with your family & friends. 

Are Heated Pools Worth It?

A heated pool is not required or worthwhile in some climatic zones. In zones where the day temperature remains above 70° F for most of the year you may not need a heated pool. On the other hand, the cost of heating a pool in zones which have long & severe winters, can be prohibitive.

Top 10 States in the US that are warmest in winter & coolest in summer (average temperatures) (Source: Current Results)

RankWarmest in WinterCoolest in Summer
Mamatus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, the above data is an average and should be used only as an indicator. What is relevant is the climatic conditions in the place your home is.

Heated swimming pools are totally worth it in most locations though. The pool season is  considered to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day (3 months). If you can use your pool for another 2 – 3 months, by heating it, then that is a significantly higher pool utilization. Well worth it!

What Are the Benefits of a Heated Pool?

A swimming pool in your backyard enriches your life in several ways. Better health, more relaxation and an increase in quality time with family and friends are some of them. 

It stands to reason that you get more of these benefits if you can use your pool for longer periods. A heated pool will expand the timeframe in which you can use your pool substantially.

Health Benefits

Swimming is considered to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It is low impact and lets you work out every muscle in your body. Swimming can bring health benefits to all ages. Even those who suffer from minor physical problems such as arthritis or muscular diseases can swim and get the benefit.

A heated pool with warm water creates a comfortable environment for your body. A cold pool, on the other hand, can lead to a physical shock on entry. Less chances of catching a cold by swimming in a heated pool too!


A pool is a great place to relax. A heated pool makes it even better. You don’t even need to be swimming laps. Just treading water or standing in the shallow end is enough to put your body & mind into a relaxed state.

It is less likely that you will achieve this state of relaxation in a cold pool. A hot tub or a spa is, of course, the ultimate in relaxation but a heated pool comes close. 

Quality Time

A swimming pool in your backyard is rarely meant for use by a single person. Typically it is utilized by the entire family. It is also the perfect location for arranging pool parties for kids or get togethers for adults.

A lot of quality time, especially during weekends & vacations, is spent in and around the pool. A heated pool results in more & better quality time. The warmth invites people to jump in and splash around, even in late spring or early fall.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Heated Pool?

So are there any disadvantages of having a heated pool?  There are two that come to mind.

High Cost

To enjoy the benefits of a heated pool, you need to invest upfront in a pool heater and  pay higher utility bills.

Pool heaters can run on electricity, propane, natural gas, wood or solar energy. The electric pool heat pump has the lowest operating cost. However, it takes time to heat the pool and is not very effective once the temperature drops below 50° F.

Propane and natural gas pool heaters can heat up the pool pretty fast but the fuel cost is substantially higher. 

Wood fired pool heaters will appeal to only those who are very environmentally conscious and are adept at living off grid. The operating cost of a solar powered pool heater is close to zero but it is not that effective when it comes to heating a pool.

Higher Chlorine Requirement

Algae and other pathogens thrive in warmer water. To keep a heated pool well sanitized you may need to increase the chlorine & algaecide dose. This adds a bit to the cost of maintaining a heated pool.

How to Get More Value Out of a Heated Pool?

Having made the decision to invest in a pool heater and a commitment to the pool heating expenses, you need to take a few steps to get more value out of your heated pool. Here are 5 ways:

1. Maximize Utilization

The main benefit of a heated pool is that it gives you more time to enjoy your pool. Obviously you do not want to waste that extra time since it costs money. Here is how you can maximize heated pool utilization.

  1. Go for early morning or late evening swims
  2. Organize pool parties for your children on weekends
  3. Have BBQ on the pool deck even in early fall or late spring
  4. Relax around a Fire Pit or Chiminea

2. Run Pool Heater Most of the Time

The pool heat pump should run most of the day. Most pool heat pumps come with a thermostat. The heat pump will stop running once the pool is warm enough.

You should switch off the heat pump in the evening after pool use. Pull the pool covers on, to prevent heat loss during the night. This will help you save electricity.

It actually costs less to keep a heated pool at a consistent temperature than to let it cool down and heat it up again. 

3. Use Pool Cover

A Pool Cover prevents heat loss by reducing the rate of evaporation. Use it, along with the pool heater, to keep your heated pool warm for longer. Your pool heating costs will certainly come down.

Apart from containing the heat, the Pool Cover keeps bugs and debris out of the pool too!

Another option is Liquid Pool Covers. They cover the pool surface with a non-toxic, alcohol based liquid. Check out TROPICAL FISH LIQUIDHEAT SOLAR BLANKET

A a conventional pool cover needs to be removed before swimming can begin. LiquidHeat, however, simply breaks apart whenever the water is disturbed and regroups, when the water is calm, to reform the protective layer.

4. Use Windbreakers

Evaporation from your above ground pool results in

  • Loss of Water
  • Loss of Pool Chemicals
  • Loss of Pool Heat

High wind speed over the surface of the pool water increases the rate of evaporation. 

Strategically added windbreaks can help keep your heated pool warmer for longer.

Adding a solid or a semi solid fence around your pool, will not only reduce the wind speed over the water, it will also provide some privacy.

Alternatively you can use natural or artificial shrubs or trees. They add beauty to the landscape, while reducing air flow over the pool surface.

5. Add a Spa or a Hot Tub

Take your heated pool experience to the next level. Add a hot tub or even better a spa to your pool. The spa has some amazing benefits.

  1. Brings relief to sore muscles
  2. Great place place for gentle exercises
  3. Venue for relaxed socializing
  4. Improves blood circulation
  5. Better sleep

I do hope that I have been able to convince you that heated pools are totally worth it!

Thank you very much for reading the post. I do hope you found it informative and helpful.

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