2024 Pool Volume Calculator: Free & Easy to Use!

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Pool Volume Calculator

Here is a free and easy to use Pool Volume Calculator. You need to know the pool volume of your pool as it is the required input in almost all pool chemical calculators, such as pool shock calculator.

Pool Volume Calculator

To use this pool volume calculator you need the length and width (in feet) for rectangular and oval pools and the diameter (in feet) for circular pools. In case the pool has a flat bottom, please enter the same figure for shallow end and deep depth.

Pool Volume Calculator (Gal)


Common Pool Shapes

In the US, most owners prefer a rectangular pool, a circular pool or an oval pool. A residential pool can be either inground or above ground, but you still have the three shape options.

Odd shapes such as kidney shaped pools are less common but the very wealthy may still opt for such shapes so as to have a stamp of uniqueness.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools are among the most popular choices for homeowners due to their classic and elegant design. They offer a traditional look and are suitable for various activities like swimming laps, playing games, and lounging.

The straight lines and symmetrical shape make them easy to maintain and clean. They can be easily integrated into most backyard designs and are often favored for their versatility.

Of course, rectangular pools may not blend as seamlessly with irregularly shaped or small-sized yards compared to other pool shapes.

Circular Pools

Circular pools offer a unique and eye-catching focal point in any backyard. They are have a symmetrical and geometrically pleasing shape, that creates a sense of harmony and balance in the outdoor space.

Circular pools are particularly well-suited for smaller yards or spaces with limited room for pool installation. They provide a compact and efficient design.

Families with kids love it as it gives ample space for them to play and have fun. Typically, they have a flat bottom (no deep end) and are beginner friendly.

However, circular pools are certainly not going to be your choice if you are into swimming laps and other structured activities that are workout and health focused.

They may also require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper water circulation throughout the pool.

Oval Pools

Oval pools provide a softer and more organic aesthetics compared to rectangular pools. They are favored for their smooth curves, which create a visually pleasing appearance in the backyard.

Oval pools combine the aesthetics of circular pools and the practicality of rectangular pools. They are great at accommodating various pool activities, including workout, family fun, recreation and relaxation.

However, oval pools typically require more complex construction compared to rectangular pools, and can end up being far costlier for the same pool volume.

Moreover, you need good aesthetic and design sense to ensure they are a good fit in your backyard.

Kidney Shaped Pools

Kidney shaped pools are characterized by their free-flowing, organic shape resembling a kidney bean. Kidney shaped pools are unique and visually appealing. They are sure to draw attention from your guests and neighbors.

Their curved edges and irregular shape provide a more natural look compared to geometrically shaped pools. No wonder they blend seamlessly into landscapes with organic elements such as gardens and trees.

Kidney shaped pools offer versatility in terms of usage, accommodating various activities like swimming, lounging, and entertaining. However, their irregular shape does pose considerable design and construction challenge.

Their irregular shape and curved edges make them more difficult to clean and maintain compared to straight-edged pools.

Other Odd Shaped Pools

Other odd-shaped pools encompass a wide range of unique designs that deviate from traditional geometric shapes. These pools can take on various forms, such as freeform, amoeba, or custom-designed shapes tailored to specific preferences and backyard layouts.

An odd shaped pool lets the homeowner create a truly distinctive and personalized outdoor oasis that is a reflection of their individual style and personality. They allow for creative freedom in pool design and can be customized to complement existing landscaping features or architectural elements.

However, the construction and installation of odd-shaped pools requires specialized expertise and additional resources compared to standard pool designs. Their unique shape poses challenges for pool maintenance and cleaning.

Ensuring proper water circulation and sanitation is not an easy task. Despite these considerations, the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of odd-shaped pools make them a compelling choice for homeowners looking to make a statement with their backyard oasis.

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